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A Morphies is the character that you play on and it can be customized in the game Morphies Law.

A Morphie’s Essence[edit | edit source]

Morphies were endowed by their human creators with the unique ability to steal mass from other Morphies by shooting them, growing their own body-parts and shrinking those of their enemies in the process. Mass affects everything about a Morphie.

A Morphie’s Body[edit | edit source]

Each body part determines one property of a Morphie and its size affects it. Huge legs for example make you jump higher and big feet allow you to kick other Morphies. Morphies call those properties Specs. Every body-configuration will modify your Specs!

A Morphie can also choose one Plugin before each battle. Plugins are much more powerful than Specs, so powerful in fact that your Morphie can only handle loading one at a time! Each plugin is associated with one body part and its power is affected by the size of that body part. Experienced Morphies might want to try to maximize the size of their plugin body-part!

A Morphie’s War Paint[edit | edit source]

Morphies prepare themselves for their mass heists by decorating their metal bodies with war paint that expresses their personality. They also like to taunt their enemies by learning emotes. Play to get rewards and create your own unique war pain for your Morphie!

A Morphie’s Bond to the Avatar[edit | edit source]

Morphies and Avatars have a very special bond. Morphies always try to make sure that their Avatar is the winner, but if Morphies steal enough mass they are capable of connecting to their Avatar to take control of it for a few seconds! what happens in that cockpit though… you’ll have to find out!