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Welcome to the Official Morphies Law Wiki
the Morphies Law guide for Game modes, Maps, and more written and maintained by the players.

Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones.

About Morphies Law

Morphies Law is a game created and developed by Cosmoscope. It is currently available on Nintendo Switch and is coming to PC soon.

Morphies Law is a 3rd person 3D shooter where you can steal mass from other players making them shrink while you grow, which balances the game. Size affects everything! What you can do, how you can navigate the different maps, how to play eachgamemode and more. Customize your Morphie, choose your weapons and go steal some mass!

An immediate consequence of mass-stealing is that skilled players become big and easy to hit, whereas beginners shrink until they become difficult targets. Highly skilled players may therefore play with casual players in the same match and both can enjoy the game. Fairness ensues.

Your skill will not be expressed by your kill-death-ratio but rather by your body size, but the bigger you get the harder it will be to stay big.

In the different game modes the goal is different, however they all have 1 thing in common: the more mass you have, the easier it’ll be to win!

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