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Weapons are an important element in Morphies Law.

The Right Tool For You[edit | edit source]

In Morphies Law you’ll spend a lot of time shooting to steal other Morphies’ mass, so weapons are kind of important. Because finding the right tool for you matters, you can make your own weapons!

Make Your Own Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons are composed of 2 parts: a “base” part (reliable companion to help you steal mass) and a “beef it up” part (because stealing mass is not the only fun thing to do!). You can store up to 4 different weapons in your loadout and those are the weapons you get access to during a match, however you can change your loadout as many times as you want!

Play to Unlock Weapon parts[edit | edit source]

Head on into Morphies Law, cause mass-mayhem to grow through the levels and unlock weapon parts to increase your arsenal!